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Dental damage happens to the best of us, and patients shouldn’t have to feel unfairly judged when they’re in need of help. Instead, you can look forward to being treated with compassion and warmth here at Dr. Deborah Lesem’s New Orleans practice. With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Lesem has the skills and dedication needed to treat a wide variety of restorative concerns, including cavities, tooth injuries and pain, missing teeth, and more. If you’re from New Orleans, Metairie, or a surrounding area, please contact us today to schedule your first appointment. 

Dental Crowns & Bridges

When a tooth is injured or badly decayed, a custom-made restoration can replenish its natural shape, strength, and health. For instance, dental crowns are designed to effectively cover the remaining structure of an individual tooth, improving its appearance and function while providing valuable protection. Dr. Lesem may recommend a crown when faced with the following circumstances:

If your teeth have become damaged to the point that one or more must be removed, a dental bridge is another worthwhile restorative solution that can provide effective, enduring coverage for your smile. This life-like prosthetic is designed to replace one or more consecutive teeth in a row, and additional dental crowns are designed as “anchors” that cover nearby healthy teeth and hold the bridge in place for added sturdiness. The bridge is permanently cemented into place, so there are no worries with removing it.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are crafted from high-quality composite resin material, which can be precisely shaded to match a wide range of enamel colors. After removing the damaged portion of the tooth, the Dr. Lesem sculpts the composite resin into place and hardens it with a curing light over the course of a single visit. In addition to being attractive, tooth-colored fillings are also more conservative in nature, which means that we can preserve a greater amount of remaining healthy tooth structure. They also won’t be as sensitive to changes in temperature like older metal containing restorations, making them much more comfortable.

Full & Partial Dentures

When extensive tooth loss has taken place, even the simple activities you used to love like chatting with friends or eating your favorite foods can become a struggle. That’s why Dr. Lesem wants to help you regain the complete, strong smile you deserve as soon as possible, and a custom full or partial denture is a reliable way to do so. These prosthetics are designed with your unique smile in mind and made to be comfortable, sturdy, and conveniently removable. In addition to traditional models, our team also offers implant-retained dentures, which come with added permanence and stability, among other valuable benefits. All of our removable full and partial dentures are custom made, taking into consideration the patient’s size, face shape, personality and complexion, resulting in a beautiful, natural looking smile!

Root Canal Therapy

Many patients become nervous when they hear the words “root canal” from their dentist, but they shouldn’t be. This procedure is actually a highly successful process that can rescue heavily infected teeth from the brink of extraction, while alleviating extreme pain. With her patients thoroughly anesthetized so there is no discomfort, Dr. Lesem will access the inner chamber of the tooth and remove diseased pulp from the canals cleaning the area so that it can be filled with a safe, biocompatible substitute. As a final touch, a custom-made dental crown or other restoration is fabricated and placed on the tooth to restore a natural appearance and ability to function.

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